Pidurangala Rock

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A massive rock located about a kilometer away from Sigiriya. Though there is an ancient temple with history traced back to 2nd-century BC, Pidurangala is more popular as a hiking spot. You’d notice some of the amazing views of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress from Piduranagala. Many tourists tend to choose to visit Pidurangala than Sigiriya, they are two different things, and both are unique, if you are more of the hike, adventure lover pick Pidurangala, but if you are more keen on history, culture, and ancient architecture pick Sigiriya.

Pidurangala history dates back to 2nd-century BC. It was used as a Buddhist monastery during the reign of King Kashyapa. According to folklore when King Kashyapa selected Sigirya to build his fortress, the monks who were meditating there were asked to move to Pidurangala, and the King built a “panchavasa” (five main ritual building) temple. These five ritual buildings include a Stupa, Chapter House, Image House, Bodhigara Preaching Hall and a Residence Building. 

The hike takes about 20 to 30 minutes, and it's best to start as early as possible to see the sunrise, or in the evening to see the sunsets. If you are climbing up its best to carry a flashlight of some sort.