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Matale - Sri Lanka

Matale has a lot to offer including some of the best in Sri Lanka including Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Dambulla Cave Temples, Aluvihare and Knuckles Mountain Range. It is among one of the most important towns for Buddhists as the Thripitaka was transcribed from here. Also evidence has been found that this city was inhabited in the prehistoric era.

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Religious and Historic Sites

Being an ancient city Matale district has some of the best historical sites in Sri Lanka, which depicts ancient technology, architecture and Buddhist history.

Also known as the Lion Rock, Sigiriya was built in the 5th-century by King Kashyapa I, the fortress was the capital of the Sinhalese Kingdom until King Kashyapa I was defeated in A.D 495 by Moggallana his own half-brother.

Located just near the main ticket booth of Sigiriya, the museum is a must see place

A 200 meter high rock, located about 1 km away from Sigiriya, Pidurangala rock is a popular hiking spot.

A single most beautiful rock temple complex built on top of a 160 meter high rock with magnificent views over the surroundings including Sigiriya.

Aluvihare Rock Temple is where the Tripitaka was transcribed on Ola Leaves during the reign of King Walagamba, Anuradhapura 100 - 89 BC.

An ancient wayside rest, with wooden carved pillars. Padiwita Ambalama is believed to be used by ancient royalists, and important personals.

Unique for its South Indian style architecture Nalanda Gedige is an ancient, granite temple built in between the 8th and 10th centuries.

Surrounded by paddy fields and vegetable cultivations this ancient Buddhist meditation center lies in a tranquil location in Dambulla.

A colourful Hindu temple built in 1874 dedicated to the Hindu goddess Mariamman, this is an impressive religious attraction.

Nature, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Stunning waterfalls in Matale

Matale is not only about history, but has a collection of wildlife sanctuaries, waterfalls, hiking and trekking trails, and spice gardens.

Along the A9 Highway between Matale and Dambulla is famous for various spice gardens.

A park known for larger herds of Sri Lankan elephants, Wasgamuwa is a perfect place to observe wildlife.

Sri Lanka’s only dry zone arboretum with a vision to conserve the tropical flora and fauna.

A beautiful massif with 34 biodiverse peaks, Knuckles is a place for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts.

A waterfall in the Madulkale Village, Huluganga area close to Knuckles, this is an all year round 75 meters tall waterfall.

A beautiful man-made waterfall in Matale district just about 22 kilometers from Kandy Town.

A man-made lake, Sembuwatta is a popular tourist attraction in Matale.

Located in the Knuckles Mountain Range close to Rattota town Bambarakiri Ella is a beautiful 10m waterfall.

A beautiful waterfall in Laggala, Matale District.

Closer to the Riverston mountains, and the mini worlds end, Pitawala Pathana is an amazing grassland miniature forest offering stunning views of surroundings.