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Talaimannar is a charming town situated on the north-western coast of Mannar Island. During the colonial period, the town was widely popular for its pearl fishing, and today it is a renowned destination for its stunning beach, picturesque lighthouse and old pier.

The extraordinary lighthouse stands high amidst the lovely turquoise waters of the Talaimannar beach. With a height of 19 meters, the lighthouse was built by the British in 1915 to guide fishing boats in and out of the ocean. It features a round, white cylindrical tower topped with a lantern and gallery.

Located by the lighthouse, you can see the Talaimannar pier stretching out to the majestic Indian Ocean. Prior to the cyclone in 1964, the pier served as a terminal of a ferry service to facilitate transportation of workers across the Palk Strait, from Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka, for the tea plantations.

At present, the pier is unfortunately out-of-bounds for visitors as it could be risky to walk on. However, the entire length of the pier could be seen wonderfully from the lighthouse precinct. Take a stroll along the magnificent Talaimannar beach and indulge in the serenity of the locale. Being a windy location, Talaimannar is also a popular kitesurf and kiteboard destination.