Arippu Dutch Fort & Doric Bungalow

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A majestic colonial building constructed on a low cliff near the beach. The Doric Bungalow, or The Doric, was a 2 storey bungalow built by the first British governor of Ceylon, Frederick North. In the early nineteenth century, the bungalow was established as a residence of Sir Frederick North to restore and supervise the pearl fisheries.

Situated alongside The Doric Bungalow is the Arippu Dutch Fort. The small two-bastion fort was founded by the Portuguese and later yielded to the Dutch in 1658. During the British period, the fort was used by Sir Frederick North to accommodate the officers who operated the pearl fisheries in the region.

You can also visit the Doric Tower located a few hundred meters away from the Arippu Dutch Fort. The pyramid-shaped tower is believed to have been a lighthouse guiding pearl vessels to land.

Due to extreme exposure to climate changes, today, these remnants of Mannar’s glorious past are now in ruins. However, the grandeur and elegance surrounding the Doric Bungalow and the Arippu Dutch Fort are, no doubt, reminiscent of the fascinating colonial era.