St. Paul’s Church

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A.Savin -

Built in the mid 1800s this is an impressive neo-gothic style church dedicated to St. Pauls. In the earlier days it was known as the Garrison Church. In 1825 during a visit to Kandy the Bishop of Calcutta, Reginald Heber learnt that the church services were being held in one of the Kandyan King’s Audience Halls, and identified the need of a proper church. As a result in 1843 the foundation stones were laid to build this impressive red-brick church closer to the Temple of Tooth.

Though the construction started in 1843, it took about nine years to complete the church. The church was consecrated by the first Bishop of Colombo, James Chapman, on 25th January 1853 a feast day of the conversion of St. Paul. The church was visited by the Royal Family, and still houses an old pipe organ which was donated in 1874. 

The stained glass windows, the architecture and the red-brick outlook gives it a unique identity, it is also a nice change to the whole city of Kandy.