Mahaweli River Boat Safari

  • 40 - Boat Safari

Boat rides in Mahaweli Ganga, the longest river in the island, create unique experiences. The 335 km long river starts from the mountains of Horton Plains and flows through Kandy and meets the ocean closer to Trincomalee. You’d notice lots of cormorants, herons, water monitors and turtles while you are on the boat. A movie scene of “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” where Indian Jones cross the river on a rope bridge was filmed in this area.

There are boats available for groups, families and individuals. There are smaller canoe boats too which would be ideal for solo travellers and much more fun than motorized boats where you have to workout to ride it. The waters are mostly calm, and the river is safe. The rope bridge in the Indiana Jones movie was not there anymore, however the river still flows under an iron bridge built by the British in the colonial era.