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Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka is one of the most popular coastal towns in Sri Lanka It's famous as one of Sri Lanka's best surfing spots and for it's coral reefs. Many travels to Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka to spend beach holidays. Along the coastal line there is 1km touristy town full of seafood restaurants, pubs, bars and beautiful beach villas .With its fabulous water sports such as surfing , body-boarding and snorkeling activities, this beach is a perfect place to enjoy a real beach holiday!

Dont miss coral reefs watching in Hikkaduwa, the place for underwater delights!

This private museum in Hikkaduwa tells the story through photographs and newspaper features of that dreadful day in 2004 when the Indian Ocean tsunami struck Hikkaduwa and Sri Lanka

Enrich your life with an unforgettable yoga retreat

Want to take home an adorable souvenir handcrafted by local artisans?

If you are after a party and then want to spend the all nigt dancing on the beach.

Explore this magical power in mythology!

If you want to watch and shop moonstones , dont miss these amazing mines!

Have the wind with you on an exciting road-exploring cycle trail in country side .

Surfing in Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka will make your stay magical.