Magampura Ruhunu Heritage Museum

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Established in a historic “kachcheri” building (Secretariat or Revenue Collector's Office) used by Leonard Woolf during 1880 - 1969, the Magampura Ruhunu Heritage Museum is the home for many artifacts, paintings, models which reflects the ancient arts, religion, technology and architecture of Sri Lanka.

Ancient SriLanka was divided into three divisions and ruled by three kings. These areas are named “Ruhunu”, “Maya” and “Pihiti”. “Magama” or “Magampura” is the ruling centre for “Ruhunu” kingdom. This museum is focused on the ancient times of the Ruhunu Kingdom. 

The building used belongs to the colonial times of Sri Lanka, and used by Leonard Woolf British administrator. Leonard Woolf was also an author, he published his first novel “The Village in the Jungle” in 1931. The novel was based on his experiences over the years in Ceylon.