Bundala National Park

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Bundala National Park is made of brackish lagoons, waterways, amazing landscapes and dry zone plants. Essentially the park is a twenty kilometer stretch of coastal land between Kirinda and Hambantota. It is an important wintering ground for many birds including the greater flamingos. The park is home to about 200 bird species. It is also a breeding ground for sea turtles, four of Sri Lanka’s five turtle species lay their eggs at the park. It is a must see place to learn, and experience birds.

Though Bundala National Park is known for birds, it also provides shelter for many plant species in the island. Covered with thorny shrubs, the park consists of 383 plant species which are categorised into 90 plant families. 

There are many types of waterbirds in the park, the wetlands of the park harbours about 100 species and half of them are migratory birds. From August to April thousands of greater flamingos fly down to Bundala from Rann of Kutch of India and Siberia to spend their winters. 

There are also various types of mammals that live in the park, including the Sri Lankan elephant, toque macaque and golden jackal. The park offers a very different experience from Yala, it is less busy and not many racing safari jeeps, it’s ideal to visit the park in the evening to avoid the heat.