Birds Research Center & Resort

  • 49 - Helena W

A massive park which is spreaded across 35 acres of area is home for about 3200 endemic and exotic birds of 180 species. The park is created to build awareness and interest in wildlife. With the assistance of international breeding centers and universities the park helps endangered birds to breed. With its own resort within the premises the park offers relaxing holidays and accommodation for research students.

The park has a lot of colourful birds, tours take about 1.5 hours. It is a well maintained park with lots of information about various types of birds. Visitors are welcomed to take part in bird feeding. It's also a perfect place for children of any age to get to know these amazing creatures. 

The resort is an amazing place to stay with relaxing views of the Nagara Lake and green surroundings with lots of birds, and closer to many other attractions including Kumana, Bundala. It is a must visit place in Hambantota.

The center also facilitates local and international researchers.