The Galle Fort

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Commonly referred to as the Dutch Fort, this is one of the most beautiful Galle attractions for being an extraordinary historical and archaeological site. Initially constructed by Portuguese in the late 16th century, later it was fortified by the Dutch somewhere near 17th century. It brings together archeology, architecture, and history with a buzzing ambiance of shops, cafes, and stores luring tourists from around the world.. One of the most highly rated places to visit in the Galle Fort is the Galle lighthouse and Mansion museum.

Amangalla is a boutique hotel located in Galle.

There are two entrances to the Galle Fort

The most interesting part of this museum is the live presenters of traditional crafts.

The Flag Rock in Galle Fort is famous for watching the local cliff jumpers.

A Victorian Gothic structure dating from the mid-19th century

Originally built in 1640, the present building dates from 1752

The Galle Fort Lighthouse is popular as Pointe de Galle Light, situated inside the rampart towards the south part of the wall.

This museum is the only museum that you can get a good knowledge of marine biology and styles of fishing communities

Galle Fort Clock Tower is situated immediately inside the fort ramparts, constructed in 1883 based on a design by John Henry Gues Landon and 83ft high.

Amongst the aged landscape of Galle Fort, Meeran Mosque is one of the historical building.

Sri Sudharmalaya Buddhist Temple is a Buddhist temple situated in Galle Fort and the temple had been constructed in 1889.

Dutch Hospital is one of the oldest buildings in the Galle Fort.