Batticaloa Eco Park

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Located in Palanmeenmadu island in Batticaloa Lagoon, this Eco Park is a popular attraction among locals. The Batticaloa lagoon is 56 kilometers long and about 200 meters wide, it is a partly enclosed area with approximately 11,500 ha of area. Palanmeenmadu is one of the eight islands in the lagoon. You can take a boat across the lagoon to reach the eco park.

A stunning view of the inland from an island, this is a popular tourist attraction in Batticaloa. The bird watching desk is another highlight of the park where you can watch sea eagles (Brahminy kite) gliding down to the waters of the lagoon to catch fish. Their nests can be seen at the edge of the lagoon. The sandy areas with coconuts and palmara trees look stunning during the pre-sunsets. It's best to visit in the mornings or evenings as the area gets heated up.