Sorabora Wewa

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Sorabora Wewa is a massive water reservoir built by damming the Diyabana Oya of Mahiyanganaya. It was built single handedly in the 2nd-century BC by a giant named Bulatha during the reign of King Dutugemunu. It is the only ancient water reservoir in the island which doesn't make use of a “Biso Kotuwa” (Cistern Sluice), which makes it unique and special. Apart from admiring the technology used to build this amazing reservoir you can take a boat ride to the opposite site and set up camps.

The folklore suggests that Bulatha was a strong lad who supplied betel leaves to the palace. He used to walk across this area and thought that if there was a dam built across the Diyabana Oya and store water it could be used to supply water to the paddy fields in the area. He didn't stop there, and started building this amazing water reservoir by himself. Once he completed the project he showed his creation to King Dutugemunu. After seeing the reservoir the king appointed Bulatha as the minister of irrigation of his council.

There are many shops on the road to the wewa selling various Sri Lankan sweets including Kalu Dodol, and souvenirs. Local tour operators arrange twin canoe rides through the lake. You will also have a chance to row the canoe. Wild elephants make an appearance on the opposite side of the lake. There is a camping ground at the shores of the lake on one side.

Another interesting thing is you’d come across the Vedda people in this area. Veddas are an indigenous group of people, who are regarded as the earliest inhabitants of Sri Lanka.