Ravana Falls

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Ravana Ella is a magnificent waterfall situated in the Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary. It is formed by constant water gushing out through an oval shaped concave rocky mountain. The twenty five meter high waterfall is regarded as one of the widest falls on the island and is a popular destination for both local and foreign visitors.

The waterfall looks magnificent in the rainy seasons and very thin during the dry season, however avoid rain when visiting. You can walk through to the foot of the waterfall where larger rocks have formed a pool where you can swim and bathe. Be cautious when you walk on the slippery rocks.

Behind the waterfall there is a cave named “Ravana Ella Cave”. According to the Sanskrit epic Ramayanaya this is another place where Queen Sita was held captive by the Sri Lankan demon King Ravana. Archeological excavations have uncovered evidence that 25, 000 years ago these caves were inhabited by humans. The 800 meter hike through the cement steps starts from the Ravana Ella Temple. Take a torch if you fancy to have a good look inside the cave, mobile phone flashers won't be enough. If you fancy nature, hiking and history it is a place to visit.