Nine Arches Bridge

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The nine arch bridge is one of the magnificent engineering marvels of Sri Lanka during the early twentieth century. Connecting two green hills the bridge holds the railway line from Ella to Badulla. The construction was carried out by a local Ceylonese builder named P.K Appuhami, and engineered by D.J Wimalasurendra. It is undoubtedly the most photographed bridge in Sri Lanka and one of the most visited tourist destinations.

Other than its size, and the magnificent looks, the bridge is special for only being built using bricks, rock slabs and cement mortar. Theories suggest that the steel which was allocated to the construction of the Bridge had to be reallocated to warfront constructions during the World War I. Builder Appuhami took the challenge of building this amazing bridge without using any steel. It is believed that the British engineers suspected the strength of the construction, and P.K Appuhami was so confident that he promised to sit under the bridge while the first train crossed it through, and so he did.

The bridge can be accessed from the Badulla road, when you just pass the Halpe there is a side road to your right named Akasa Road. It is sign posted, and can be easily noticed. If you are keen you can keep on walking along the railway lines, just after the Demorada tunnel you’d come to the nine arches. It is best to check the train time tables from Ella or Demodara and prepare to take memorable photographs of the bridge with a passing train.