Mawaragala Forest Monastery

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Mawaragala Forest Monastery is a small yet tranquil forest monastery situated about 15 kilometers away from the Mahiyangana Raja Maha Viharaya. It is believed that Arhat Maliyadeva Thero used to live here with sixty other Buddhist monks under the reign of King Vatta Gamini Abhaya. The monastery has ruins of ancient balustrades, guard stones, rock pillars and about 25 cave chambers built into the boulders, used by ascetic Buddhist monks. The monks usually mediate during 11:30 AM to 1 PM and it is advised to avoid that time when visiting.

Mahavamsa records suggest that Arhath Maliyadeva Thero was the last well-known arhat who had great psychic powers in Sri Lanka. He lived during the 2nd century BC. The monastery has a rock surface about 25 square feets named the Bawanagala, is believed to be where Arhat Maliyadeva used to meditate. The monastery welcomes nature lovers who are interested in meditating.

The monastery is situated in a village named Dambana, which is mainly occupied by Vedda People of Sri Lanka. The area is known as the refuge of the Vedda people and the Vedda language.