Dambethenna Tea Factory

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Dambatenne Tea Factory is one of the most famous tea factories in Sri Lanka providing informative guided tours about processing tea. The tours include fermentation, rolling, drying, cutting & grinding, sieving and grading tea. The factory was built in 1890 and owned by the Scotish tea baron Sir Thomas Lipton, and still is the largest functional tea factory in Sri Lanka, with a four storied building.

This tea factory is situated about 9 kilometers away from Haputale. You can take a bus or a tuk tuk from Haputale or drive on your own. A tuck tuck would cost about 1, 000 LKR including waiting and return. The road towards Lipton’s seat goes through the factory and it is ideal to plan visiting both places in one trip.

It is better to visit any day except Sundays as during Sundays the factory does not do any processing. The tour through the factory and processing takes about 20 minutes, and they do speak both English and Sinhala. Following the tour you can buy various tea products.

Tickets cost about 250 LKR and the factory is open from 8 AM to 6 PM.