Basawakkulama Wewa

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Also known as the Abhaya Wewa, Basawakkulama is the oldest artificial water reservoir in Sri Lanka. Being built in the 5th-century BC the wewa demonstrate the ancient engineering skills even before Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka.

King Pandukabhaya was the first monarch of the Anuradhapura Kingdom. Following him many kings ruled Anuradhapura for nearly 1500 years. The Basawakkulma Wewa was built under the reign of King Pandukabhaya. However ancient chronicles suggest that the reservoir was built even before during the time of King Panduwasdewa, grandfather of Pandukabhaya. 

Even after 2, 200 years the reservoir is still used to supply water to Anuradhapura and has a water capacity of 3.7 million cubic meters. 

It is also a perfect place for stuffing photographs during the pre sunsets, you can capture the Ruvanveliseya from the other side of the tank.