Maduru Oya National Park

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A national park with a massive water reservoir, Maduru Oya National Park is a special elephant habitat in Sri Lanka. Sceneries by the lake with loads of herons are stunning. There are six hour safari rides or four hour rides you can choose from, with its massive elephant herd and the birds living in if we were given the chance we would pick the longer safari.

The area has lots of historical ruins too, especially the sluice made up of stone slabs and bricks found in the old buried bund which is 30 feet high and 219 feet long. Maduru Oya is also home to Sri Lanka’s indigenous people called “Veddah People” who are believed to be descendants of Prince Vijaya and Queen Kuveni.

The park is designated as one of the evergreen forests in the dry zone, hence the park attracts a lot of wildlife, especially elephants with a recorded population of 200. Other animals living in the park include spotted deers, sloth bears, wild boars, toque monkeys, fishing cats and jackals. There are many bird species living in the area including the endemic junglefowl, great cormorant, woodpeckers and spot-billed pelicans. 

The closest town to the park is Polonnaruwa and the entrance is at Manampitiya.  Many hotels arrange private safari rides with pick ups and drop offs, or you can find one from our listings.