Buddhangala Forest Monastery

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Located on top of a rocky summit with amazing panoramic views of the forests of Ampara Buddangala Raja Maha Viharaya still provides shelter to ascetic Buddhist monks. An early Brahmin stone inscription reveals that the history of Buddhangala Raja Maha Viharaya goes back to the 2nd-century BC, during the times of Anuradhapura era.

In terms of its history there hasn’t been much discovered. However it is believed that after the invasion of Polonnaruwa, Buddangala eventually got forgotten and was buried under the thick forests until it was re-discovered in the early 60s. Archaeological excavations at Buddhangala have discovered a gold casket containing a tooth relic of Buddha.

The temple has been renovated since its re-discovery. The bell shaped stupa and the Buddha statues are recent additions. From the main Samadhi statue on the top you can see amazing panoramic views of the areas. Another recent addition to the temple is a large model of the Gal Vihara parinirvana statue.

In the month of June the tooth relic discovered is kept for public viewing during the poya days. As it is a very sacred place with ascetic monks meditating be sure to wear appropriate clothing. Walking on the blistering hot rock could be an experience if you choose to visit during the day.